My Top College Cooking Essentials

Dorming in college is a golden time for trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone. For me, this was never more apparent than with cooking. Up until moving in, I hadn’t learned to whip up anything more than a grilled cheese sandwich. However, I managed to survive and learn a lot of simple meals and dishes. All of this though, was thanks to some amazing tools I took with me. They were able to do multiple things and this saved me a ton of money since I didn’t need to go out and buy more gadgets. As a result, I wanted to share them so I’ve put together a list of the top 3 multi-purpose tools that can boost every student’s cooking game to the next level.

First off, we have the very reliable Foreman Grill. This glorious tool can make almost anything (seriously). From grilling sandwiches to cooking eggs, it has a huge range of applications. It can even cook beef, chicken breasts, and bacon to perfection. The best part though, was its simplicity. No one needs to be a genius to put in the ingredients and press down on the grill – and that’s why I became my floor’s premier sandwich maker.

The next item on the list is the Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Toaster. This one was a must-have, and for good reason too. It made every morning a little better with that amazing toast-y aroma and the ability to take regular sliced toast, rolls, and even bagels. Those extra wide slots did wonders. One awesome creation with the toaster and the grill is a bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. The grill can cook the bacon and eggs until they’re one tasty unit and the toaster is used to make the bread crispy yet soft on the inside. Altogether, they combine to make a very happy morning.

Last but not least, we have a sleek Electric Kettle. Every college student knows how crucial caffeine is during heavy workload days and exam periods. Whether that’s coffee or tea, this kettle can do it safely and quickly. Beyond the clear glass, it even lights up when it’s done and the price tag is still under twenty bucks. All in all, these tools are super cool and perfect for your own dorm.

Check them out and cook away! Entire list:

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