Working from home, comfortably!

It has been quite an adjustment and we consider ourselves lucky that we can work from home without too much interruption.

Working with laptops for prolonged periods is hard and strains the wrists, so a keyboard and mouse is a must. We swear by the vertical mouse from Logitech, but if you’re more comfortable with a traditional design, there is a great model in that shape too. If you have smaller hands or need to spend less, consider the 2S mouse instead. Logitech has a matching keyboard to go with these mice, but it’s quite expensive and we craved the mechanical key feel. So we ended up with a full-size keyboard from Aukey, great price, great feel, not-bad reviews from your local internet keyboard enthusiasts. In our case, we’ll need wrist rests, for both keyboard and mouse, we figured that taking advice from a game-oriented accessory maker was a good idea.

We debated how to mount the laptop, the external keyboard and mouse were begging for some sort of a stand. In the end we went with the BookArc which is very stylish and sturdy, but then also required an external monitor and a cable to connect it. After several bad experiences with other manufacturers, we got the Apple version of the USB-C cable. Why did we get that cable, well for this very nice high-res LG monitor. It is such a treat to have all this real estate at such resolution!

Finally, we’d need a web-cam since the laptop lid is closed now. Logitech again has the well-reviewed C925 webcam. Prices on these fluctuate quite a bit, so do pay attention. If your work requires higher quality video and your home internet connection can support it, there is more advanced Logitech Brio model on the market as well.

Click for the whole list.

This list is a bit luxurious and some of the items are definitely outside what would be considered necessary, however we were given a small allowance by the employer to set up a remote work space – double-lucky! For that matter, if you’re not completely part of the Apple product ecosystem, the Soundcore headphones are great. They’re even great if you just don’t want to spend the 200+ that the AirPods Pro will set you back!

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