A new MacBook Pro for actual pros

Apple has finally given on trying to make super slim keyboards work and updated the top-end MacBook Pro with a brand new 16” model. While it may be a while until you can get a slim 100W USB-C charger, we have a list for you with all the essentials. Some fo the items we borrowed from the previous MacBook list. Speaking of previous MacBooks. Amazon is having some great deals on those, and even new models that aren’t quite as fresh are seeing very good discounts.

Medium kitchen plug-ins

Cooking is a new passion here at shopper central and it goes hand in hand with penchant for gadgets. A while ago we published a blurb about small kitchen electrics, and the list. This type of collection usually starts with a stand mixer for most, us included. We’re quite happy with the 6qt KitchenAid device. This one is on the higher end of the range, but the tilting head and extra power are worth the upgrade if you’re going to use it more than a handful of times a year. There is a broad range of accessories starting with a very practical grinder and ending with a whimsical and aspirational ice cream maker! While on the subject of rotating things, a food processors is also useful, though there is a KitchenAid attachment if you prefer that, There is always a balance between do we want to cut through these vegetables quickly and then have to wash the machine, or take longer with a knife. It’s a difficult choice.

Tangent time! We absolutely love the Victorinox (the pocket knife people!) kitchen steel, both the European-style chef’s knife and the Santoku. We do the chopping on a thick Epicurian board, it’s definitely a splurge. Here are our favorites.

Back to spinning things, blenders are popular, we have one. We can make smoothies from everything between spinach cement bricks. There is a lot of Asian cooking in our kitchen, so a rice cooker is a necessity, this is definitely not for everyone. Also helpful, and from the same manufacturer – Zojirushi (the makers of our favorite portable thermos), is a water boiler. If you drink tea or like to make pour-over or French press coffee, this makes the right temperature water a button press away. Rounding out the list is an induction cooktop, another nice-to-have. When the stove is too small for too many large pots, this turns any surface into a cooking surface.

Click in for the full list.

Not on the list is an instant pot, but if that’s your thing – this model has 9 programs!

Small kitchen plug-ins

Not all useful kitchen appliances have to take up permanent counter space. Here’s a small list of things we find useful. There is a still-trendy sous vide circulator, an immersion blender and a hand mixer. The latter is useful for those who cannot justify the larger expense and the space of a stand mixer. Those are certainly great, but unless you bake on a regular basis, not strictly necessary. We included a pretty expensive immersion blender. Braun does have cheaper models that come with fewer attachments in the box like MQ777 and MQ9037X. This model not only has an incredible 700 watts of power, but also comes with all kinds of attachments including a blender, a food processor and chopper. If you don’t need those, MQ9037X still delivers 700 watts, but with fewer accessories, while the cheaper MQ777 is 400 watts.

Take your pick.

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Mobile charging accessories

We hate clutter, unfortunately with all the things we own that need charging comes a jungle of cables and chargers. Amongst ourselves we try to buy devices that use standard protocols (power delivery) and charging ports (usb-c). There is of course an occasional iPhone and iPad. We’ve put together a list that’s good enough to charge most modern devices. We especially like the power bank from Aukey. Not only does it support fast charging with power delivery, both in and out, but it can also charge with a lightning cable. The included charger, also from Aukey, is enough to power a 13″ MacBook Pro and even the 15″ in some circumstances.

Enjoy! http://share-a-cart.com/get.html?cartid=7MZE5

* Share-A-Cart may earn a commission from the sale