Cooking cutlery from Victorinox

The pocket knife company has an excellent line of chefs knives. We love the shape of the handle in our hands. The knives are well balanced, though we’d prefer a slightly shorter blade on the chefs knife. We added a utility knife for that reason. The steel keeps a good edge as well. There is a fancy rose wood handle collection, just don’t forget to take care of it.

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Screen time you can touch

Osmo toys provide a unique way to bring the virtual and physical play together. Frequently tech toys concentrate on a STEM curriculum, but Osmo has sets for artsy endeavors as well. There are base kits for iPad and Fire tablets; the expansion sets are compatible with either setup. We even included a travel case if you decide to take the setup on the road.

iPad Kit (
Fire Kit (

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Sony Cameras

We wanted to cover the Sony camera gear after our Nikon list (we’ll definitely get to Canon soon). Since the introduction of the a7 some years ago, Sony has catapulted itself into the realm of professional photography, followed eventually by the purchase of Konica-Minolta and their A-Mount system. We have a fully featured list of their equipment for the pros. Since Sony we well-known for their video prowess, we included some accessories that are geared to toward production of moving images, in addition to the still.

Before the a7, E-Mount lenses were already under development for the mirrorless compact that started as the NEX series and continue today as aXXXX. We cover those in the amateur list.

As usual, we included a USB-C adapter for those of us living in the future with Apple laptops where the rest of the world hasn’t quite agreed yet.

For the Pros

And for the amateurs

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We should talk about cameras

We have some die-hard Nikon and Sony fans our team, one of us is actually a semi-pro. Nikon recently introduced a system – Z. It’s all cool and very exiting but it is not yet ready for prime-time simply due to lack of lens selection. Surely Nikon is mitigating this problem by offering a mount converter, but that’s merely a stop-gap. Professionals are likely to stick to the D-series hardware for some time to come, and advanced amateurs are certain to benefit from possible discounts on the F-mount glass. We have a few lists for you below that should satisfy a range of users.

The Z list

The D-Pro list

The amateur list

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Engineering kits for kids

There has been a lot of main-stream interest in rearing little engineers and scientists. We’ll leave the topic of science for a later post, but LittleBits has a great series of toys for budding engineers, both mechanical and software. Keep in mind a lot of this stuff requires a tablet. Luckily you can get one pretty easily as well.

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Other home theater setup

Turns out brand loyalty would drive people to some extremes. We found this out after posting the Sony home theater list. Below we present for your considering lists of gear from LG and Samsung. We paired those with an Xbox for, well…reasons.

LG gear

Samsung gear

You might be wondering why we included brand-coordinated vacuum cleaners – we figure that way you’ll get to enjoy the vibrant picture for a longer time.

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